Greg M. said:
I recently spoke with a friend and asked him about Reiki as I was told he used it. He recommended that I talk with Doris Summers as she instructed him and she was awesome. So I setup a session to try it and I fell in love with it. Doris spent some time discussing with me what I was looking for and I decided to take the training for level one and two and it's one the best things I've ever chosen to do. Doris is available for extra training and has answered all the questions I've asked of her. I would recommend Doris for a session or for training any day.
John N. said:
The things that stood out to me about Doris were the professionalism in her materials, her simple but informative Power Point presentation, and her ability to teach and guide the students through the levels in a way that builds confidence and reassurance that they can duplicate out in the real world. I also received a very impressive information packed manual that gives even more ideas on how to use your new gifts as you go through life.
Greg R. said:
I have been involved with Reiki for the last 12 years, and working with Doris since 2010, she has taught me my Master Teacher course and now I can teach Reiki, Doris is a very intense teacher making sure that you understand everything you are taught. Doris also has Reiki shares every month so all of us can enjoy the loving feeling of Reiki. Imagine having 5 or 6 Reiki practitioners giving you Reiki at the same time, Wow its great! Doris is one of the better teachers around and I would recommend her to anyone.
Mandy R. said:
I am a personal trainer and business owner so needless to say I have a very busy lifestyle that is constantly on the go between clients and my own gym sessions. I find it very hard to make the time for myself and to relax and de-stress. Then I met Doris. I had never experienced Reiki before so was not really sure what to expect. What I found was that it was very hard to relax at the start and to turn my brain off from thinking of the million things I had to do but when I did it was completely peaceful. A feeling of deep relaxation and de-stressing washed over me and I found a snore slip out (oops) Doris has helped me realize how important it is to take time for yourself and get rid of all of the negative energy. You will be happier and healthier for it!
Sandra said:
I have taken three levels of Reiki with Doris and found her teaching style to be one of inclusion and overall caring for each individual. Her Reiki mission statement was clear, she demonstrates how the student can eliminate stress and promote optimal health for others and themselves. She supports continued growth by having a monthly share to discuss events that have happened to each of us. I definitely will return to Doris for further instruction.
Deanna said:
Doris is a very dedicated and resourceful teacher. Her positive and confident approach really made me feel competent and ready to go out and give Reiki treatments on my own. Over all Doris is a compassionate and caring person. Anyone that has the honour of being trained by Doris will be truly blessed.
Angie said:
Doris truly has a natural gift bestowed upon her. Her genuine and unique dedication to promoting the inner healing of both body and spirit combined with the use of crystals enhances the effectiveness of the treatment. Amazing talent, amazing individual.
Denise said:
I've had constant pain for over 22 years and after a Reiki treatment from Doris my body felt more relaxed and the pain was greatly decreased. I've also attended some Reiki groups in Doris' home and the atmosphere is very peaceful and harmonious. Doris is well organized, knowledgeable and clearly explains everything. I highly recommend her.
Danielle said:
Doris' generosity of spirit is evident in all facets of her life, especially in her energetic healing practice. Learning from her has been an outstanding experience!